Breaking: Star Wars Recognizes Existence of Girls



The voices of female Star Wars and science-fiction fans have been
heard! Recognizing a need and a desire for merchandise created
especially for the female fan, actress Ashley Eckstein — the voice of
Ahsoka Tano in the hit animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars
— has created a new clothing
line featuring fashionable, feminine products for fangirls. Partnering
with The Araca Group — a leading production and merchandise company —
Eckstein will enter into a multi-year agreement with Lucas Licensing to
develop and produce a line of female-focused Star Wars Her
to be made available at conventions throughout the country and via the website.

I’m a little conflicted about this. First of all, it’s hardly like Lucasfilm hasn’t made clothing and products for girls before; second, I have no idea how talented the voice of Ahsoka Tano (that’s Eckstein modeling her shirts above, by the way) might be at fashion design. On the other hand, that’s a basic Star Wars shirt, clearly in a ladies’ cut, which is not pink — nor are the other two visible shirts on the Her Universe website. So it’s very possible these clothes will be woman-y but not girly, which I’m sure many nerd girls will appreciate. You know, since this isn’t for me in any way, how about I shut up and let the female girl-women TR readeresses tell me what they think?