Cobra Commander’s Ass Sits in Style


?Jesus. There’s nothing that’s not depressing about Sideshow’s awesome new G.I. Joe Cobra Commander throne environment/prop. First of all, it’s $189, which is pretty damn expensive when you consider it’s furniture that only a toy can sit down on. I’m also bummed out that this is only for Sideshow’s 12-inch G.I. Joe line, because even though I’m not collecting the new classic Joes, if Hasbro made one of these with a Cobra Commander in 3 3/4-inch style, I’d but it just so ol’ C.C. could gesticulate wildly at me on my desk. But the saddest bit is when you realize most of the chairs in your house
are from Ikea and actually cost less than this toy throne, like I did, and it dawns on you that some toys live better than you do. If you guys don’t mind, I’m going to start spiking my coffee now. I haven’t decided if it’ll be with whisky or bleach, though.