Curing Pac-Man Fever Will Set You Back $165

pac-man cutting board.jpg

?The perfect compliment to your Spaced Invaders ice-cube tray, this Pac-Man cutting board from Etsy seller 1337motif will give your kitchen an old-school retro feel. If you can afford it that is. It costs $165, which is the equivalent of 660 games of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in a circa-1984 Spaceport arcade. (Though that poor attempt at math doesn’t begin to calcuate inflation). But can one really put a price on a houseware so unique — and so gloriously nerdy? The 18 x 12 cutting board is “made of walnut, hard-maple, and cherry put together with FDA approved, water-proof glue, and treated with a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax.” In other words, it will last you a while once you start slicing up food on it for snacks at your next LAN party. (Via Retro Thing)