Danger Girl Movie Producer Has Obviously Never Read Danger Girl

A Danger Girl movie? Really? Whatever. Much like the comic itself, I can’t muster any feelings about Danger Girl, either as a comic or as a potential comic movie. It’s being produced by Adrian Askarieh (of the Kane & Lynch movie and the theoretical Hack/Slash movie adaptation), and FilmDrunk does a great job illustrating out this guy only speaks in Hollywood douchebag (apparently, every movie he makes is like something-meets-Raiders of the Lost Ark. Awesome), but I just want to show you how he describes Danger Girl to the L.A. Times:

I would describe it  as  “Kill Bill” meets “Raiders
of the Lost Ark” with the “team” element of “Mission:
Impossible.” I would say to the uninitiated that the book is a
smart, hip, fun and beautifully drawn love letter to the best
action/adventure movies of the last 30 years. It is the story of a lost
girl who, through this incredibly kick-ass adventure,
finds her destiny, comes of age and helps save the world.  It is truly
an iconic property which for a while (before “Watchmen”
and “300? were turned into movies) was the best known
non-Marvel/DC comic book out there.

You know, if most people seriously compared Danger Girl to Watchmen or even 300, they would be considered insane and locked up; thank god this idiot’s in L.A., where they let those people be movie producers. Let me explain Danger Girl to anyone who doesn’t know what. It’s like

dangergirl tits.jpg


dangergirl ass.jpg

?There you go. A “beautifully drawn love letter” about “a lost
girl who” “finds her destiny” and “comes of age”? Not so much.