Fantasy-Adventure Has a New Name: Burgledorf

I didn’t say it wasn’t a silly name. Still, a group of enterprising young nerd filmmakers have set about making a full-on fantasy adventure movie titled The Battle of Burgledorf, about a lowly gas station attendent who gets caught in an epic battle being disguised as a Live-Action Role-Playing game, complete with elves and dwarves and monsters. It’s being made by some guys in Canada, who have apparently been working on it for over a year. Frankly, not only does the trailer seem pretty damn well shot to me, but it looks like it’s walking the razor-thin line between taking itself too seriously and acknowledging that it’s an inherently goofy concept — I obviously don’t know how true that’ll be in the finished product, but right now I’m ready to back Burgledorf all the way. Thanks to JRoss for the tip.