Holy @#$%, Joss Whedon’s Directing Avengers and There’s Gonna Be an Ultimate Spidey Cartoon

whedon avengers.jpg

Fuck me. There’s like no news all day, then these two stories hit at 4:45 pm? Oh well. First things first — former sister-site Deadline is reporting that Joss Whedon is in final talks to direct the Avengers movie. As in hours– maybe a day or two — away from signing. I know this is technically a rumor, but Deadline rarely reports this stuff unless it’s real and got a 95% chance of happening, so I assume it’s happening. I know you Whedon haters are bludgeoning yourselves to death right now, but I think all you have to do is pick up a copy of his Astonishing X-Men and see that he can make a superhero story fun and exciting and dramatic, but without changing the characters or resorting to Buffy-isms. I think it’s a good match, frankly. I await your oral sex jokes in the comments.

Meanwhile, Disney announced that they would be running a cartoon based on Ultimate Spider-Man in 2011, which I assume they thought would be the Marvel news of the weekend (sorry about your luck, guys). I’m only shocked that someone didn’t do this sooner. For some reason, I immediately think that an Ultimate Spidey cartoon would be just as popular and long-running as the ’90s Spider-Man cartoon, like, automatically, which I realize isn’t strictly the case. But I think it’s an even better idea than Whedon directing Avengers. Thanks to Greg B. for the tip. (Via Newsarama)