I Think I’m (Space) Paranoid

Disney, I swear to god, if this is just pure viral marketing bullshit for Tron: Legacy and you’re not releasing Space Paranoids on Xbox Live and PSN and whatever for real, I will come the Magic Kingdom and fuck you all in your ears. That’s a promise. I’ll even play “Call Me Doctor Dick” while I do. You’ve been warned.

I actually played Space Paranoids at the Flynn’s Arcade set-up at SDCC last year; I can tell you the game was 1) terrible and 2) I loved it anyways. The problem was the controls; you weren’t fighting the Recognizers as much as you were fighting your own tank, trying to get it even slightly were you wanted it to go. Still, it was playable version of Space Paranoids, and I enjoy every aggravating second of it. Disney: You’ve been warned. (Via First Showing)