In Case Your Ridiculous Piranha Movie Needs Have Not Been Met

Let me break this down for you — there is a ridiculous Syfy movie (I apologize for the redundancy there) called Mega-Piranha, which involves a man lying on his back on the beach, pretending to ride an imaginary bicycle, and kicking giant, senselessly flying giant piranhas. But there’s also a ridiculous real movie called Piranha 3-D (“Real” in the sense of “actual going to theaters”), and it has a new? semi-new? trailer here:

That’s not the only difference between the two films; Mega-Piranha “stars” ’80s singer Tiffany, while Piranha 3-D stars Richard Dreyfuss, Eli Roth, Elisabeth Shue, Christopher Lloyd, Adam Scott, Ving Rhames, Dina Meyer and Jerry O’Connell, although only some of those are slumming. But both movies have one very important thing in common — they both contain multitudes of people too stupid to get out of the water when piranhas are on the loose. Seriously, guys. Piranhas. Stay home and take a bath or something.