TR Shameless Pimping Trifecta: Don’t Feed the Animals, Smurfs, Necronomicomedie

As you all know, I generally don’t spend my TR time linking to other people’s stories or websites or causes; I figure there are plenty of other sites with link round-ups if you want those, and I’d rather spend my time ranting uninformedly about some goofy video. Still, this sometimes makes me feel like a selfish asshole. So I’m going to try to showcase a few things and nerds which I feel deserve credit or notice, at least once in a while.


? First up, my internet friend Robyn (the truest sort of friend there is!) made a Nintendo DSi game — well, her and others, I assume. It’s a downloadable DSiWare game called Don’t Feed the Animals, which is all about children trying to defend their backyard fort — and its candy — from savage, candy-craving animals. It’s pretty much a tower defense game, and by all accounts is totally swell — check it out, won’t you?

? This guy, a.k.a. “The Black Nerd,” wants to be in the Smurfs movie, and sent me this video in hopes that someone at the Smurfs movie would see it and let him be in the Smurfs movie. I don’t know how likely that is, but if Lily Allen and George Lopez can be in the Smurfs movie, seems like this kid deserves a shot.

? Scott Johnson, who you might know better as the director of the fabulous Event Horizon-themed music video by .357 Lover, is making a collection of short films in Philadelphia called the “Necronomicomedie.” He describes it thusly: “It’s got Zombies, Poe-fanatics, Cults, Burlesquery, Musical
numbers, Animals from Space, Jesuits, Robots, Trekkies
fighting Trekkies… and more Corn Mo than any other lo-budget
film (to my knowledge).” He also needs volunteers, including volunteer zombies — email [email protected] for more info.