10/10/10 Is a Good Day for Cartoons

new bumblebee.jpg

?Just so you know, Hasbro’s Hub — their channel devoted to selling as many Hasbro products as possible — will premiere on October 10th, 2010. The new Transformers cartoon will be included on Day 1, and will be titled Transformers Prime. In case you didn’t remember, that’s the Prime Bumblebee design above. I said on Monday that it was a block on the Discovery Channel, but that was just me being an idiot (and confused because The Hub is a partnership between Hasbro and something called Discovery Communications, but mostly an idiot); it’s an all-new channel for Hasbro to pimp its wares, and will apparently include pre-schooler cartoons, live-action movies, game shows, and more. Oh, and that new G.I. Joe cartoon, at least when it’s ready in 2011. (Via TFormers)