30 Hot Wheels Cars We Wish Existed in the Real World


?Since Hot Wheels first revved its engines in 1968, the popular 1:64 scale toyline has featured plenty of designs based off of real life sports cars, wacky show cars and strange prototypes that automobile manufacturers created but never put into production. But the arguably most loved Hot Wheels have been the bizarre original creations derived solely from the fertile imaginations of Mattel’s toy designers. Today we celebrate 30 Hot Wheels that we would love to see tearing up roads in the real world! Thanks to the Hot Wheels Wiki for proving most of the pictures.

Daily List suggested by SafetyDance101.

30) The Gov’ner

The Gov'ner.jpg

?Because we are instinctually drawn to anything that even slightly resembles the Batmobile.

29) Piranha Terror

Piranha Terror.JPG

?A school of these can devour a Cadillac down to its frame in less than 30 seconds.

28) Mutt Mobile

Mutt Mobile.jpg

?Who wouldn’t want to ride around in something that looks like it’s straight out of a 1960’s Hanna-Barbera cartoon?

27) Baby Boomer

Baby Boomer.jpg

?Speed fiends start out young!

26) Semi Fast II

Semi Fast II.jpg

?Eliminating the need for truck stops.

25) Tee’d Off/Fore Wheeler

Teed Off.JPG

?There’s no more need for golf to be so damned slow.

24) Phantastique


?Not only is it a badass, modern 1940’s roadster, it’s decorated with a Skeletor theme! You just know old Bone-Face and Evil-Lyn cruised around the backroads of Eternia in this on their off-days from battling He-Man.

23) Preying Menace

Preying Menace.jpg

?After mating, it bites of its partner’s hood.

22) Rocket-Bye-Baby


?For a daily commute to the moon and back.

21) Special Delivery

Special Delivery.jpg

?I wonder if the USPS is offended it isn’t called Speedy Delivery.

20) Speed Bump

Speed Bump.jpg

?Loooow Riiiiderrr…

19) Incredible Hulk

Incredible Hulk.jpg

?Perfect for a cross-country convoy to Comic-Con!

18) Fast Fortress

Fast Fortress.jpg

?From that alternate universe World War 2 where dogfights raged on the ground and tanks flew through the sky.

17) Hammer Sled

Hammer Sled.jpg

?It would be like having the Lightcycle from TRON in your garage.

16) Dragtor


?This has redneck YouTube video written all over it.


15) Cool-One


?There is no escape from the Ice Cream Man!

14) Rigor Motor

Rigor Motor.JPG

?Will drive you straight into the grave!

13) Splittin’ Image

Splittin' Image.JPG

?Tired of listening to your spouse nag you about directions and blasting Bette Midler CDs during long car trips? Problem solved.

12) Stagefright


?Maybe this is how Jack the Ripper made such a quick getaway.

11) Tow Jam

Tow Jam.JPG

?Getting towed by this would make the fact that you never changed your motor oil for three years seem not so bad.

10) Solar Reflex

Solar Reflex.jpg

?If we had solar-powered cars that looked like this, gas companies would be out of business.

9) T-4-2


?A 1920s roadster with two front halves, designed for utter confusion and to rip itself apart. Perhaps Henry Ford was having a bad day?

8) Hot Tub

Hot Tub.jpg


A sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine needs to be made just for the sole purpose of including this car.

7) Whip Creamer

Whip Creamer.jpg

?All we know is that it looks awesome and makes us hungry.

6) Croc Rod

Croc Rod.JPG

?The best way to cruise on Alligator Alley!

5) Jet Threat 3.0

Jet Threat 3.0.jpg

?Lovingly combining the dangers of air shows and NASCAR races.

4) Fangula


?Its victims are found primer gray and with all of their oil drained!

3) Carbonator


?It’s a soda pop bottle on wheels and is also a functioning bottle opener. What better gift for the Coke or beer-drinking toy collector who has everything? (Heck, even if he has this, he’ll probably be happy to have an extra to take out of the package.)

2) Twin Mill III

Twin Mill III.jpg

?It’s like a Corvette Stingray, but more sleek and futuristic, and therefore 300% better.

1) Hot Seat

Hot Seat.jpg

?Gas-powered, we assume?