Super Terrific Japanese Thing: 12″ Scale Toilet for Action Figures


I love diorama pieces to display my figures with – it’s one of the biggest bummers of modern toy collecting that NECA and McFarlane figures don’t tend to come with bases any more.

But never, NEVER have I felt the urge to pose Snake Eyes taking a shit. Once more, Japan thinks outside the box and inside the stall.

Frankly, if I want to see someone on a toilet all I have to do is pay my dad a visit. But it’s not something I want. At all. Ever. I’ll deal with that crap (literally) when I become a parent someday, but it can wait.


On the other hand, I would consider posing a Hot Toys Tony Stark in a “praying to the porcelain god” position. That to me IS funny.

via Otaku Collection DX