Aliens vs. Predator vs. Low Budget Filmmaking

Armed with a few friends, some rendering software and a $500 budget, Alex Popov set out to pay tribute to two of his favorite movie franchise. It took him two years, but he recently completed Aliens vs. Predators: Redemption and made it available online. As far as fan films go, it is tremendously entertaining once you look past the lack of budget and sometimes rudimentary CGI. But after you are done watching the flick, you’ll slowly be struck by the realization of just how much Popov did with so little money. (He gets the nobility of the Predator especially right). Much like the thematically similiar fan film Batman: Dead End, Redemption is nothing more than an extended fight scene. As you’ll discover once the Predator squares off against the Alien Queen, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Plus, it’s only 22 minutes so there isn’t too much time spent on boring/disposable human characters. Check it out, cheesy fun awaits. (Via Kotaku)