SDCC: The Solomon Kane Movie Is Finally Coming Out

Hey, remember that awesome-looking Solomon Kane movie from 2-3 years ago? The one that starred James Purefoy and Pete Postlethwaite before he died in 2011? I didn’t. I had forgotten all about it, even though I was really looking forward to back in 2010 or so. Anyways, the film is finally coming to America on September 28th… and On Demand like a month earlier, so it should be on DVD and Blu-ray pretty immediately after that. I honestly don’t know why it took so long or why it’s slinking into theaters, because it looks pretty awesome (as I feel the new trailer above indicates pretty solidly). I know it was released internationally, and was reasonably well-liked — certainly moreso than the last Conan movie. Can any international people who saw it say yay or nay? Should I keep on forgetting Solomon Kane?