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DVD Day: May 25th, 2010



?? True Blood Season 2
This show is just Twilight but with fucking, right? It’s got neutered vampires and goofy werewolves and a lot of full-frontal nudity — I’m saying that’s not better than Twilight, but it’s still basically Twilight, isn’t it?

? Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
On Blu-ray. For the record, I hate Dr. Horrible. I mean, I like the songs, I like the actors, I like the first two acts, but the end just ruins it for me. Put that in your “Rob sucks Whedon’s dick” pipe and smoke it.

? Mystery Team
A spoof of Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew mysteries starring Don Glover, Troy from Community. God knows how it is, but Don Glover is hilarious enough that I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt.

? Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Part 1
I’m curious — does this start where the the original manga and anime series split, or does it start at the very beginning? If the latter, what point should I start at to avoid seeing shit I already saw in the first series? Help me out, anime fans.

? City of the Living Dead
One of Lucio Fulci’s beautiful, gory and incomprehensible zombie flicks. Definitely worth checking out for fans of the undead.

? The Guild Season 3
I still haven’t watched The Guild, but I know that Felicia Day films some of it in her house, and having a film crew over for several days, messing shit up, leaving the bathroom a mess, forgetting to use coasters, drives her crazy. As a fellow clean freak, I respect that craziness a lot.

? Digimon Date Squad Collection 2
I know three of you are incredibly excited about this release. Go nuts, kids. You earned it.

? Supersonic Man/War of the Robots
Two horrible ’70s flicks — at least one from Mexico — in one package. I can’t even begin to imagine how horrible they must be.

? Merlin and the Book of Beasts
A clearly embarrassed James Callis mutters his way incoherently through a Syfy adventrue starring King Arthur’s sassy daughter, an evil sorcerer, and a bunch of poorly animated CG monsters.

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