Fan Fiction Friday: Donald Duck and Daisy Duck in “Donald & Daisy”


?Today’s FFF is… odd. I mean, odder than you would expect a fan fic about Donald Duck and Daisy Duck, creatively titled “Donald & Daisy” and written by an author who calls himself Trunks, should be. It’s also preposterously long, so I hope you’ll forgive if I both edit the hell out of it and get right to it.

“Alright, boys.” Donald declared.

“What Uncle Donald?” Hewy asked.

“Get your butts out of here!” Donald said as he took out his wallet from
his shirt pocket.

Hewy, Dewy and Lewy’s eyes opened wide.

Donald than gave them 50 dollars each.

“Now, there will be more where that came from if you agree not to come
back here until tommorow.” Donald said.

“Oh we will Uncle Donald!!!” The Newphews replied.

The Nephews than raced out the door and got on their bikes, peddling
down the
street at full blast.

If you’re wondering if the nephews live at Unca Scrooge’s mansion, or if Donald just kicked them out and forced them all to sleep on the street so he could fuck Daisy all night, well… I’m assuming the latter. Moving ahead in the evening:

Donald took hold of the blind fold and removed it from Daisy’s eyes.

“You can open your eyes now.” Donald said.

Daisy opened her eyes and she gasped, bringing both of her hands to her

The curtains were drawn, the room was dimly lit by candles all over her
room and in the center was a new larger bed for two.

“Donald?” Daisy asked.

“Shhh.” Donald replied with a finger to her lips.

He then put both of his arms around her, and drew her close to him.

“You’ll understand soon enough.” Donald said in a deep voice.

“Oh.” Daisy replied, with a seductive expression on her face.

Donald then pressed his lips against Daisy’s.

Did someone order a terrifyingly romantic fan fic about Donald Duck and Daisy that also contains graphic sexual content? I sure hope so, because that’s what’s after the jump!

The touch of their lips sent a chill down their backs. They breathed in
as they as the let go and connected again.

Donald felt Daisy’s body, rubbing his feathers through her clothes.

Daisy began to feel horny as Donald ran his hands down her body. In
response she began to unbutton his blue shirt.

One button after the other was loosened.

Donald kissed Daisy even more passionately then he had before, and Daisy
spread Donald’s shirt off his shoulders. Donald loosened his grip on
Daisy and let his blue shirt fall off of his body and onto the carpet.

Feeling the cool air on his body made Donald shiver, and Daisy realized

“Donald, let me warm you up.” Daisy said as she pulled him close and
they moved toward the bed.

Donald pushed Daisy downward on the bed as the reached it, kissing her
neck and her clothes as he worked his way downward.

For some reason, the fact that Donald and Daisy aren’t just fucking but are instead making love makes me immensely uncomfortable.

Daisy started to undo the bow on top of her head, and gave Donald a
seductive and romantice look as their eyes met.

“I’m waiting Donald.” Daisy reminded him as she took off her bow.

“Okay Daisy.” Donald replied.

Donald then moved his bare hands from the top of her shoulders, passed
her breasts to her vigina.

Virginia? That’s a hell of a wrong turn there, Donald.

Daisy giggled as she felt Donald touch her.

Donald becoming more serious, unbuttoned Daisy’s top shirt buttons and
pulled her shirt off and over her head.

Tossing her shirt to the carpet, Donald looked down at Daisy’s beautiful
body. She had a nice breast size, not the biggest, but not the smallest
either. Her feathers were brilliant white and her whole body looked
nice to snuggle up against.

Anyone not imagining Donald motorboating Daisy’s breasts while making his trademark noise is a better man than I am.

“Come here you….” Daisy said as she took hold of Donald’s arms and
pulled him over her.

They kissed and held eachother for awhile, enjoying the bliss they were
experiencing. Daisy started jerking Donald’s dick with her hand making
him hard.

“Oooh Daisy.” Donald moaned feeling his dick being massaged.

“Donald, you can start now.” Daisy said, as Donalds dick became hard.

“Alright.” Donald replied as he sat up.

Daisy moved herself up the bed, and laid her head on the pillows. Taking
a deep breath she parted her duck legs and put her hands over behind
her head. She felt comfortable in this new double bed.

Donald’s mouth watered as he viewed her pussy.

Beak. Donald’s beak watered as he viewed her pussy. Come on, Trunks, if you’re going to do it do it right.

Daisy reassured him giving him a seductive look.

Donald feeling turned on by Daisy’s gesture, licked his lips and bent
down. His tongue lashed out on to Daisy’s pussy, making long strokes up
and down.

Daisy took a hugh breath as she felt Donald’s tongue.

“Ohhh…” She moaned.

Donald continued to suck her pussy, shoving his tongue inside her.

Daisy grabbed the beds covers tightly, taking in the waves of pleasure
that permeated throughout her body.

“Ooohh, Donald Yes!!” She moaned.

After a few more licks of Daisy’s pussy, Donald sat up straight. He
licked both of his hands with his hands with his tongue and rubbed them


Feeling that the hardness had gone out of his dick, Donald put both of
his wet hands around his dick and started to fuck himself.


Daisy watched with interest.

toht face melting.jpg


“Ooohhh!” Donald moaned through his gritted beak. His dick became hard
once again.

Donald breathed hard and placed his hands on Daisy’s hips. He moved in
closer and slowly pushed his dick inside of Daisy’s pussy.

“Ahhh….ohhh….ahhh.” Daisy groaned, feeling Donald’s penetration.

Donald then began to move his dick in and out of Daisy at a slow pace.

“Hmmm….Donald….Ohhhh….” Daisy groaned.

Donald breathed in rythme with his pace. As he quickened his pace, he
began to feel hot.

Daisy breathed harder as Donald continued to fuck her. His grip grew
tighter and tighter

“Oh…Donald….ohh…ohhh…” Daisy moaned.

Hearing Daisy react, Donald felt his seed begining to rise up. He then
instinctively thrust himself harder and deeper into Daisy.

“OOOHHH!!” Daisy moaned as she closed her eyes tightly.

Soon Donald gave way.

“AAAHHH!!!” Donald groaned as his seed shot out of him and inside of

“Oooohhh….” Daisy groaned, feeling her breasts as Donald unloaded
himself inside her.

“Ahhhh….” Donald gasped feeling his seed pass.

After Donald had finished cumming, he pulled his dick out of Daisy. As
soon as he did, his body became hot and he felt lightheaded.

“Donald….” Daisy gasped.

“Ohhh…” Donald replied bringing his hand to his face.

You have just read an unedited sex scene between Donald Duck and Daisy
Duck. I didn’t edit not only so you could experience it in its original
glory, but also because there are several Donald/Daisy sex scenes, and
they’re all exactly like this, and I’m going to skip over them. 
To help you remember, permit me, if you will, to repeat only the dialogue from the scene, as
if you were only hearing it.

“Ooohhh!” “Ahhh….ohhh….ahhh.” “Hmmm….Donald….Ohhhh….”
“Oh…Donald….ohh…ohhh…” “OOOHHH!!” “AAAHHH!!!” “Oooohhh….”
“Ahhhh….” “Donald….” “Ohhh…

Man, if you aren’t turned on after reading that, I just don’t know what.

“Donald come here….” Daisy said as she lifted herself up with her

Reaching out Daisy hugged Donald and helped him lay his head down on the
pillows beside her. Daisy then kissed him on the forehead.

“You overspent yourself. You didn’t need to fuck me that fast.” Daisy

“Oh…” Donald gasp.

Donald and Daisy talk, and Donald reveals he gets dizzy after sex. Daisy suggests it’s because he’s so angry all the time, to which Donald replies he’s stressed, to which Daisy points out, in order to calm Donald down for both her and the nephews, they should fuck more. Then they have sex again in just as much detail as above. But the next day…

“It’s morning, rise and shine, Donald.” Daisy whispered.

Donald slowly turned himself over, toward Daisy.

“Oh, wow. You look beautiful.” Donald said as he admired Daisy’s body.

“You don’t look so bad yourself.” Daisy replied.

Daisy then put her pressed her beak against Donald’s and they kissed.
After a moment they stopped.

Donald felt good to have Daisy kiss him this early in the morning.

ROMANCE! God, this is so much weirder than the duck fucking. Anyways, Daisy returns to the problem of Donald’s anger…

“In my recent memory, the last time we had sex, besides last night was
six months ago.” Daisy recalled.

“Yeah, last summer.” Donald remembered.

“Last summer…geez…” Daisy sighed.

“Damn, Daisy that’s too long!” Donald replied.

No wonder Donald’s been in a bad mood for the last 80 years.

“Your right….I have something to admit.” Daisy said.

“Yeah?” Donald asked.

“I’ve been having sex with other people.” Daisy admitted.



“Daisy…..” Donald was silent.

“Donald, you haven’t been really honest with me either.” Daisy pointed

“Honest about what?” Donald said with his voice growing angry.

“Donald, before you blow your top, let me tell you whom I’ve been have
sex with.” Daisy said.

“Alright…” Donald said reserving his judgment.

…although Donald seems to be taking this news uncharacteristically well.

“First, your the only man, I’ve ever had sex with.” Daisy admitted.

“Huh?” Donald asked, his mind puzzled.

“I’ve only had sex with other women.” Daisy admitted.

“What? You’re a….?” Donald said trying to put the pieces together.

“That’s right Donald, I’m a Bisexual.” Daisy replied.

“We’re aliens from the planet Bisexia. Although coincidentally we also have sex with chicks, much like your Earth bisexuals.”

“A Bisexual?” Donald asked, feeling somewhat relieved.

“You’re irreplaceable to me, and I want to spend the rest of my life
with you. But since we’ve both been really busy, sex hasn’t been one of
our first choices right now.” Daisy pointed out.

Hearing Daisy made Donald think about what the last six months had been
in his sex life.

“Daisy, who have you been having sex with?” Donald asked.

“Minnie Mouse.” Daisy admitted.


?Hot piece of mouse ass like that? Who can blame her?

“Whoa, does Mickey know?” Donald asked.

“I don’t know. But I think Minnie has kept our little secret.” Daisy
replied. …

Donald sighed, and since they we’re on the subject he decided it was
time to tell her the truth.

“Daisy, I also have something to admit. I’ve been having sex with Clara
Cluck.” Donald blurted out.


?Donald. You’re dating Daisy and fucking an overweight chicken? It’s like Hugh Grant
hiring the prostitute while married to Elizabeth Hurley all over again.

“I know Donald.” Daisy replied.

“What?!” Donald asked, his eyes growing wider.

“I’ve had sex with Clara too.” Daisy admitted.

“Daisy!” Donald cried with his hands going to his face.

Wings. His wings going to his face.

“I have the same problem that you do, about cheating. But we’ve been so
busy that our sex life hasn’t had much flavor, and you’ve admitted it
yourself, we haven’t had sex in a long time. ” Daisy explained, with a
fierce look on her face.

Donald was silent, but he knew that she was right.

Sex was something that both of them wanted, but neither of them had the
time to commit to that part of their relationship.

Donald felt somewhat betrayed by Daisy having sex with other people,
besides himself, but he had also had sex with Clara Cluck, he had also
cheated and committed adultery.

Wait. Are Donald and Daisy married? Well, that’s just a delightful icing of creepiness to this whole story.

Looking at Daisy, he realized the source of his anger. He wanted to have
sex with her so bad, that he had chosen Clara as a substitute. And in
doing so he hurt himself, and their relationship.

I guess in Donald’s defense, Clara has a much bigger rack than Daisy. I’m sure KFC will back me up on this.

“Daisy, I’m willing to forgive you, are you willing to forgive me?”
Donald asked.

“Yes.” Daisy replied.

“I want to make our relationship work. But we need to get our sexual
life straightened out.” Donald said.

“Yeah, we do. When I was having sex with Clara and Minnie, I really
wanted to be with you more. I did that to satisfy my lust.” Daisy

Donald got up from the dinner table and placed his hand on Daisy’s.

Daisy took hold of Donald’s hand with a firm grip.

“Are you willing to forgive me?” Daisy asked.

“Yes, it’s what Christ died on the cross for.” Donald said.


And now you see the entire reason I chose this story for FFF. I actually don’t know who’s more fucked up here, Donald or the author — either way, I’m not particularly up on my New Testament, but I’m pretty sure Christ didn’t die on the cross so ducks could have extramarital affairs and then forgive each other, or so fucked up teens could write about ducks having graphic sex and extramarital affairs and then forgive each other. Pretty sure.

There’s plenty more story after the jump, if you can scrape enough brain matter off the wall and back in your skull.


“So what should we do to solve this sex problem?” Daisy asked.

“Well, since I’ve got a bisexual girl friend, do you think we should
invite Minnie over for dinner?” Donald asked.

“Donald!” Daisy chuckled.

“Donald, you scamp! Obviously, the solution to our massive sexual dysfunction and marital issues is to let you have a threesome!” So Daisy blackmails Minnie into coming over — it involves her threatening to tell Mickey about their cheating, which is kind of a bitchy thing to do.

“What will you do to get her upstairs?” Donald asked.

“Let me worry about that, you just go upstairs and hide in the closet.”
Daisy said.

“When will I be able to join in on the action?” Donald asked.

“When I tell you. You just watch and enjoy the show.” Daisy replied.

“I’ll do that.” Donald replied.

“And don’t jack off, while your watching! If you jack off your not going
to be of any use.” Daisy suggested.

Don’t masturbate, Donald! It’s what Christ died on the cross for! So that two ducks could simultaneously fuck a mouse out of wedlock! Skipping ahead to when Minnie arrives, Daisy feeds her some oddly bullshit story about catching Donald cheating on her.

“Earlier today…after work, I decided to stop by Donald’s house.” Daisy

“And?” Minnie asked.

“I caught them in bed together…” Daisy replied.

“Oh…” Minnie gasped.

“He had his dick inserted all the way inside Clara!” Daisy explained,
her expression becoming more distressed.

“And then he had his dick inserted a quarter the way inside Clara! Then all the way inside! Then a quarter! Then all the away again! You know, he was actually probably fucking her, now that I think about it.”

“What happened next?!” Minnie wanted to know.

“He cummed inside her. Right in front of me. I was appalled!” Daisy

“I didn’t see his orgasm coming at all! Also, I clearly have no idea how sex works.”

“Woah.” Minnie replied.

Guest-starring Keanu Reeves as Minnie Mouse. Daisy eventually talks to Minnie about her  problems, then pretty much sexually assaults Minnie until she runs off. But onceoutside, Minnie is too horny and comes back for a little bit of the ol’ Daisy chain, if you catch my drift (I mean the duck’s going to give the mouse oral sex).

Daisy walked into her bed room, where the new double bed was. The
candles from the previous night had been removed and it was just
ordinary looking, as it had been a few days before.

Minnie followed right behind her, and closed the door. Each of them
forgetting to lock the door.

Donald watched from the closet with eager anticispation, about what was
about to happen.

“Oh yeah…” Donald thought.

It’s what Christ died on the cross for! So a duck could secretly peep on two lesbian animals having sex from inside a closet! And hopefully not masturbate to completion!

“Why don’t you let me start? You relax.” Daisy suggested.

“Alright.” Minnie agreed, as she laid down on the bed, and got
comfortable, laying her head against the pillows.

Daisy got up on the bed, and crouch on Minnie’s stomach. She then undid
Minnie’s head bow, and tossed it aside. With her hands she rubbed
against Minnie’s clothed chest.

“Hmmm” Minnie moaned.

Daisy then bent down, and kissed Minnie passionatly on the lips once

“Ohh, yeah baby!” Donald watched, feeling his dick becoming hard.

Minnie took in the kiss and started to unbutton Daisy’s pink shirt.
Daisy feeling Minnie’s hands working her shirt, stopped kissing her.
Sitting back up, she took hold of her shirt with both of her hands and
pulled it off. Revealing her breasts and her naked self.

The way God made her on the day of her birth. She threw her shirt on the
floor and went to work undressing Minnie.

Dude. Trunks. Again, I’m not a religious guy, but I don’t think God appreciates the way he keeps getting drawn into your filthy Disney cartoon orgy fan fic. Just sayin’.

From inside the closet Donald had a good view of what Minnie & Daisy
we’re doing.

“Ohh…Boy…” Donald thought as his mouth watered.

If picturing Donald Duck in a closet, watching Minnie Mouse and Daisy having sex, and saying “Oh boy” in his Donald Duck voice of his over and over again as he gets more and more aroused doesn’t make you cackle with laughter, man, I just don’t know what.

He grabbed hold of one of the coats inside the closet, for something to
keep him focused and not get hard, but then something fell out, and hit
the  floor with a thud. It was Daisy’s cell phone.

“Huh?!” Donald thought, and he picked up the phone.

“Hmmmmm….” As he looked at the phone, Donald got a wonderful, awful

“Ohhh….Daisy!” Minnie moaned.

Donald looked out again, and saw that Daisy was begining to eat Minnie’s

He then turned on the cell phone, and dialed Mickey’s number, Minnie’s
moans blocked out the cell phone noise.

Somewhere, Walt Disney head is rotating horizontally and warming up
slightly. Because it’s frozen in a jar, obviously.

*****Minnie’s House*****

“Minnie! Where are you?!” Mickey’s voice called throughout the house.

He had just walked in and Minnie was no where to be seen. …

His cell phone which was fastened to his belt rang. He then reached for
it, and flipped it open.

“Hello?” Mickey said lifting the cell phone to his ear.

“Hey Mickey!” Donald’s voice crackled over the phone.

“Donald? What’s up?” Mickey asked.

“Get over here man, Daisy and Minnie are fucking each other!” Donald



“What?!” Mickey replied.

That is an awful idea, Donald. Despite the interspecies craziness, you could have had sex with two reasonable hot female animals. Why the hell would you invite another dude over? You’ve raised the dick quotient by 200%!

“We’re over at Daisy’s, lets turn the tables on the both of them! Get
some stuff and get over here!” Donald urged.

“Stuff? What kind of stuff?” Mickey asked.

“Stuff that we can jam in their pussies! As well as our dicks!” Donald

Um, if Donald wants things jammed in his dick, then he’s got far greater issues than anger management.

“What, start again! Minnie and Daisy are having sex? And you want to
join in?” Mickey asked.

“Yeah! You should come over and make it a foursome. I’ll let you have
Daisy!” Donald replied.

“Where are you?” Mickey asked.

“In the closet watching them, you better get over here fast, cause I
gotta go, once Minnie Climaxes!” Donald replied.

In the background Mickey could make out the love making sounds of Minnie
and Daisy.

“Oh man…” Mickey’s head lit up.

“Get over here quick Mickey alright!” Donald urged.

“Okay Donald, I’ll be over in a few minutes.” Mickey replied.

“Great! Bye!” Donald said as he hung up.

You know, that call went really well. Had Mickey been a tiny bit less pleased to suddenly discover that 1) his wife was cheating on him, 2) his wife was cheating on him with another woman, 3) his wife was cheating on him with another woman who is also a duck, 4) his best friend is moments away from fucking his wife whether he comes over or not, 5) his best friend just asked him to bring over a variety of objects to assumably shove in his wife’s vagina… well, let’s just say Mickey took all this news exceptionally well.

Mickey put the phone back on his belt.

“Alright….” Mickey said as he looked around the kitchen.

“I better get a cooler.” Mickey thought.

What? Are you bringing items to insert in your wife’s vagina that would spoil on a quick ride over? I don’t want to tell you your job, Mickey, but yuck. Although Lois Lane probably approves.

He then looked around the house and found a cooler, bringing it back to
the kitchen he placed it on the table and he opened the fridge. First he got out the ice, and
placed it in the cooler, than he went to find stuff to put it in.

He saw a six-pack of Budlight beer,

“Ohhh, this will make it good.” Mickey said.

This… this may be the most pitiful thing in this entire story. Yes, Bud Light will make this anthropomorphic cartoon animal sex crazy good. There’s sex, and then there’s sex on Bud Light. Try it once, and your mind will be blown. Bud Light — the official beer of Disney orgy fan fics everywhere. If Miller Lite is smart they’ll lock up a deal to be the official beer of ComicsNix as soon as possible.

He then grabed the six pack and placed it in the cooler.

Going back to the fridge he opened the freezer.

“Ohhh, cold popcicles!” He then placed the popcicles in the cooler.

Mickey then went around the house grabbed an ordinary box and found all
sorts of other items, condoms, handcuffs, lube, and even some lipstick. Enough to satisfy any parnter in group sex.

Anyone else totally creeped out that Mickey is bringing lipstick? Is he afraid Minnie won’t look pretty enough when she’s blowing Donald? is that one of the things he plans inserting in their vaginas? Or Donald’s dick? Whatever the answer is, I don’t think we’ll approve. Still, the ability to bring lipstick and shove it the sexual orifices of various friends or whatever — it’s what Christ died on the cross for!

“Okay guys here I come.” Mickey said as he gathered up the cooler and
the box and headed for Dasiy’s.

Alas, the story ends here, and Trunks hasn’t updated the story in four years, so I guess we’ll have to use our imagination. Or we can simply drink ourselves until enough brain cells die that we have no recollection of this story. I don’t know that Christ died on the cross for that specific reason, but I still think he’d approve.