Fan Fiction Friday: The Evangelion Kids in “Neon Muscle Genesis”

?Apologies, kids — circumstances (seeing Conan on tour) beyond my control (drinking before, during and after) have led to actually enjoy a bit of my vacation, and I’m afraid FFF has suffered for it. I was almost going to skip this week’s installment entirely, but I remembered one particular tale — sent to me by supermarioman — which I’ve always wanted to show you guys, but passed on because… well, let’s start at Chapter 3, and let the recap explain:

Shinji and Asuka were on their way to the leg machines after having
Asuka do some bench presses…and boy did she improve rapidly! She bench
pressed probably twice what Shinji could, and she was about to add
more! It was even more unbelievable because Shinji also already notice
her pecs were gaining more definition and her breasts seemed to stick
further away from her body…Shinji also noticed that Rei was there
doing arm curls…and her biceps were also seeming to get defined, and
as close as Shinji could get without her noticing, her bicep seemed to
even be bigger than his! And this was still both of the two girl’s first
times working out! Incredible!

Incredible indeed, because it’s a muscle fetish Evangelion fic. There’s not even any sex — just description after description of Rei and Asuka working out and the appropriate muscles bulging. What the hell could I possibly add to this madness? As it turns out, not much, but that’s why I’ve selected it for this week’s FFF. Please enjoy Chapter 3 of “Neon Muscle Genesis.”

Shinji was walking behind Asuka while they were going to the leg
machines, including the leg extensions,calf raises, and the squat
machine. He noticed that even though her pecs were way better developed
than when they first walked in the gym, the rest of her body looked as
it usually did from behind, her legs were thin and slightly jiggly, but
her calves were not jiggly at all and slightly toned and sexy looking,
but Shinji had known those legs long enough to tell that they were the
same as always, just plain ol’ Asuka…

Wait. What’s jiggly and what’s not jiggly again? I’m already confused. But aroused!

“So Shinji, what do we do to beef these things up?” Asuka was pointing
to her thighs, which weren’t out of shape but not at all muscular…

“Well…” Shinji began to think…he definently wanted to see if she was
going to improve on whatever exercise also…”You could do the leg
extensions or squats…either one is fine.”

“Hmm, lets do the squats!” Asuka ran over to the machine and set the
weight on the bar to 200 pounds. “Lets get to work!”

Shinji was worried about her for once, could she have gone over her head
with this one? “Umm, Asuka, thats 200 pounds, almost twice what you
weigh! Maybe you should take it eas—”

Shinji was cut off by the sight of it all, before he could finish his
sentence she already the bar resting across her petite shoulders…and
she was starting to squat down…

“*GRUNT* one! *AHH* two! *OHHH* three! *EHH* four! *AYE* five!” She was
banging off the reps, going to a 90 degree angle each time…at a weight
of 200 pounds! She was making funny sounds each rep but they were
toning down every rep…most start getting tired as they go on and feel
more pain…..but Asuka was getting stronger each and every rep!

It’s like Dragonball Z is parading around in Evangelion’s skin.

“See Shinji! *grunt* I’m strong enough to *sigh* handle myself!” And
sure enough she was…

“Wow…whats going on…?” Shinji mumbled to himself quetly…then he
noticed her legs…”HOLY CRAP!” he screamed inside his mind…and with
good reason too!

Weird, I’m screaming “HOLY CRAP” over and over in my mind, too! Quelle coincidence!

Asuka continued to squat with 200 on the bar…she was on her 25th
rep…but her legs….Shinji wasn’t measuring at the moment but her
formerly 17″ legs were now thicker and more muscular looking…no veins
yet but each individual part of her thigh could be seen, they were
expanding her workout shorts more with each rep…they seemed to be AT
LEAST 20″ now…huge improvement to say the least in such a short time.

Asuka racked the weights that Shinji probably couldn’t even do 2 reps
with…and she did it with ease and was about to add more!

“Hmm that wasn’t so bad….how about up to 300 now? Whaddaya think
Shinji?” Asuka looked at him innocently with her beautiful face,
consulting his obvious wisdom on lifting weights…she was starting to
think more of him now, he was supportive of her and helpful for once.

I’m pretty sure pipe cleaners could beat up Shinji. What the fuck is he supposed to know about lifting weights?

“…huh….ok….whatever Asuka” Shinji was baffled on what to say and
was astounded, he almost forgot what he said earlier….”Oh Wait Asuka!
Like I said you want to keep a symetry and 200 is good enough for
now…lets just move on to you calves or something…”

Shinji persuaded Asuka to move on to the calf raise as he looked over to
the bench press again, and there was Rei, but she didn’t even bother to
change the weights! Asuka’s 175 was still on there and Rei (with her
now seemingly 12″ arms) was pumping them as easily as trying to bench
press with just the bar itself, seeming to stress a little when she got
to lifting the bar back up….and from where Shinji was standing he
could see that the same pec definition that was forming on Asuka was
starting to form on Rei too…and since she started off with heavier
weights her pecs were standing out just a bit more than Asuka’s!

Unbeleivable! Uncomfrotable! Unsetttling! I hate it when I wish the characters were committing horrible sex acts instead of whatever they’re doing, just because it seems like it would be less perverse.

Asuka didn’t notice that Shinji was staring at Rei (she didn’t know Rei
was there) so she went ahead and slapped 200 pounds on the calf raise
too. She assumed her position and started to get ready, but she didn’t
quite know how to work the machine, so she asked Shinji.

“Shinji…Shinji…SNAP OUT OF IT!”She yelled playfully.

“Huh, oh I see your on the the calf raise already…”Shinji was still
amazed by the two beauties in the gym…

“What am I supposed to do on this thing, Shinji?” She asked with a look
that would have most other boys swooning, swallowing their tongues just
to spit it out in spite of her beauty…but not Shinji…


“Get under the lever thing there and stand up straight, then try your
best to stand on your tip-toes but don’t move your thighs…remember
that this isn’t a squat.”

“OK Then!”Asuka began to stand on her tippy-does slowly, making sure to
get the most out of her pump…

“1…2…3…4…whew this is pretty tough, I barely ever use my calves
except for when I go out jogging!” Asuka said as she repeated her calf

“Yeah, most people hardly use them, but in an EVA if you have to jump up
in some way or run, this will help you get a bit more edge onto your
step…how much are you doing anyways? Looks pretty easy for you.”
Shinji didn’t have a clue and hadn’t yet noticed her calves were
growing…just as the rest of her body had earlier…

“Oh, only 200 pounds…why is that too light or something?”Asuka hadn’t
noticed her body at all, just the fact that all these weights Shinji was
gawking at she thought was pretty easy…”

“WHAT! 200! Asuka thats GREAT!” Shinji looked at her calves, which
bulged obscenely everytime she hoisted upwards with her calves…they
seemed to have grown from 13″ to 16″…amazing, simply amazing!


…meanwhile, Over at the bench press…

“Must….keep….pumping….to please the commander….”Rei commented
almost zombie-like as she lifted the 175 pound barbell up. “I must
become not only strong enough to pilot the EVA manually, but also
muscular so that the commander will be happy with me. I will be strong,
just as the commander said Asuka is…” Rei wasn’t jealous of Asuka, but
of the attention the commander….and Shinji was giving her. She wanted
to be helped by Shinji, and complimented by the commander…she would
try her best….

….back into Shinji’s head…

“Wow…the girls are really getting buffed up….”Shinji stared at
Asuka, who was adding 50 pounds to the calf raise which she did at 200
for 25 reps…and he also glanced at Rei who was getting up from the
bench press and started moving towards the Leg machines…”I wonder
what’s the cause of all this….could it be they are naturally muscualar
or athletic?” Shinji wondered for a short while, and then not wanting
to have Asuka and Rei meet he called out to Asuka, who was on her 10th
calf raise with 250 on the rack…

“Come on Asuka, thats enough for your legs…lets move on to your arms
so we keep that symetry I keep telling you about.” Shinji said with more
authority in his voice than usual.

“Yeah! Ok! finally my arms! I get so caught up in this weightlifting
with these different parts that I feel like I want to lift them forever!
If I didn’t have you around Shinji I’d still be at the bench press!”
Asuka was starting to like this a lot, she felt more energy bounding
through her but she hadn’t actually seen what she looked like now…She
had gained at least a half-an-inch to her bust size, 3″ to her thighs
and her calves as well, and now it was time for her Biceps!

When they finally got over to the free weights she gazed at all the
different dumbells…she couldn’t wait to start lifting something!
“Shinji, how much should I start out with huh?”Asuka asked with a yet
again (and yet not on purpose) cute voice that would have most men
blushing. Shinji wasn’t facing her while he replied “try starting with
five to ten pounds for now…”He had a feeling that she wouldn’t listen
any ways….he turned around to find out he was indeed correct…but to
what degree he wasn’t prepared for….

“Mmphh!! Jeez this is tough!” Asuka said as she was strugling very hard
to curl the dumbells…the 40 pound dumbells…She still managed to do
reps, although it took almost a full minute for her to complete her
first curl, although it was seemingly getting easier each rep…and the
effects of the curls, as Shinji observed, on her biceps was enormous!
Each time she completed a curl her bicep looked like the adams apple of
some guy drinking…except it went down but in a sense was still lying
there…every curl she did the “adam’s apple” of her arm went up,
getting bigger at the end of the squezze, and then dropped a bit…she
did this for 25 curls, just like her other excercises…

Man, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who’s arm looks like a man’s throat. Are you with me, boys?

“Ok Asuka thats enough for today!” Shinji said, not neccesarily
embarrassed or mad, but suprised. He had had enough girl muscle for


“That’s good, I was starting to get sweaty anyways and I need to take a
shower! My hair has already lost it’s volume from being so sweaty!” She
reached up to feel her hair, not meaning to flex her bicep, but Shinji
saw it anyways…her bicep was a mere, slim 10″ just minutes ago…it
had to be at least 13″ now…Awesome to say the least…and this was
just the first day…

As Shinji and Asuka were leaving out the gym door, He noticed that Rei
was just moving to the calf raises herself…her whole body besides her
calves seemed more full, and more…sexy even…And Asuka’s was even
moreso like that…but he wouldn’t say a word about it until he found
out why they improved so rapidly…


And that’s only Chapter 3 of four; there’s no sex in any of them, although Gendo does start to get aroused by Rei and Asuka’s freakishly muscular bodies in chapter 4, although it doesn’t go anywhere. Oh, and it’s the LCL synchronization fluid that is causing their workouts to be so productive, and OH GOD WHY DID SOMEONE WRITE A STORY ENTIRELY ABOUT REI AND ASUKA WORKING OUT FOR FOUR GODDAMN CHAPTERS. Still, as far as FFF fetishes go, it’s pretty benign; while I suspect many FFF writers are sexual deviants and possibly predators, what the hell is a muscle fetishist going to do? Give a girl a roofie and put her on a stationary cycle?