Frank Frazetta, 1928-2010

Frank Frazetta - Conan le destructeur.jpg

?Renown fantasy artist Frank Frazetta passed away earlier today at the age of 82. I don’t think the causes have been announced yet, but Frazetta has been in poor health for quite some time, suffering from several strokes in recent years. In his career he created some of the most famous and iconic fantasy art of all time, and he pretty much defined the look of swords-n’-sorcery epics in general and Conan the Barbarian in particular with his paintings. His family was apparently insane — his kids were all fighting over his estate (and its money), culminating in son Frank Jr. driving a goddamn backhoe into the Frank Frazetta museum to steal paintings supposedly at his father’s request — but apparently that’s all been settled. At any rate, Frazetta leaves behind an amazing legacy of art and he will be missed his legion of fans.