Goddamn it, Smallville, JUST SHOW THE @#$%ING TIGHTS

I think I’ve figured it out — Smallville is an extensive, long-term psychological test to see how long nerds can watch a Superman show without ever seeing Superman. But it’s not just about deprivation — it’s about getting as ludicrous close to showing Superman’s iconic outfit as possible but never letting it be on screen, even for a second. This is the final scene from last Friday’s season 9 finale, and… well, I’ll just let you see for yourself.

I’m trying to figure out what Smallville could do that’s more of a cocktease and than that, and it’s hard, man. Maybe have a scene of Clark dressed a Supes and only shoot the scene from the neck up? Maybe engineer a CW satellite feed error the second after one of the his red boots gets on screen, which only clears up after he’s saved the day? (Via Comics Alliance)