He’s a Singing Marvel, He’s an Annoyed DC

Anytime ItsJustSomeRandomGuy posts one of his “I’m a Marvel / I’m a DC” videos, it’s generally worthy of posting. Given that this is his 100th video in the series, I’d say it’s doubly worthy. The fact that it’s a musical, well… probably quadruply worthy at least. But the fact that the musical is amazingly written and totally fucking brilliant? Hell, I should be asking permission to feature such majesty on my pitiful little nerd-blog. Thanks to DE12 for the tip.

Speaking of pitiful, I’m sorry for all the brief posts today. Hopefully I’ll have my internet connection back and I won’t have to travel from soul-crushing location with free wifi to soul-crushing location wifi tomorrow and TR‘ll be back up to snuff. If not, at least I’ll be prepared this time.