Crisis on That Other Earth Over There on Fringe

dc fringe covers.jpg

?While we all continue to freak out in contentment, anger and ambivalence to the Lost finale last night, it’s worth remembering there are other finales going on. For instance, Fringe‘s excellent season ender happened last week, which took place mostly on a parallel world where DC made the above comics (note that no one gives a shit about Wonder Woman, even in a parallel universe). It’s one of the many little easter eggs Fringe fills itself with without getting bogged down into major series mythology like Lost, and that’s why I’ll be live-blogging Fringe once it comes back on. I don’t think the fact that Fringe is actually pretty good will be problem, but I’m looking forward to finding out; a live-blog that doesn’t make me want to give myself alcohol poisoning sounds pretty nice. (Via Comics Alliance)