Oh Heroes, Will We Ever Truly Be Done with You?


?More details in the $60,000,000 lawsuit against NBC and Tim Kring have emerged in the form of pictures that compare Jazan Wild’s original Carnival of Souls comic art to screengrabs taken from last season’s Heroes episodes. (The ones with the low-rent Carniv?le vibe). Robot 6 was sent a copy of the lawsuit by Wild’s publisher, Carnival Comics, and the website features several more side-by-side comparisons that are eyebrow-raising to say the least — so if you feel that Kring and company wasted your time the past couple of seasons check out the pictures for some quick karmic retribution. It will be awhile before it is legally decided if this whole affair can be chalked up to coincidence, homage or blatant rip-off, but one thing is for certain: We shall never really be free from Heroes’ evil grip. Also, can someone get Ray Bradbury to weigh in on this, or is he too busy prepping a case against both Wild and Kring?