Optimus and Megatron, Together Again


?Peter Cullen — the original voice of Optimus Prime (and the movie version) — and Frank Welker — the original voice of Megatron (and not the movie version) — have been reunited. This is noteworthy because they’ve been reunited by both having been hired to do voices on Transformers: Prime, the new TF cartoon from Hasbro due out later this year on its Hub programming block. Anyone care to guess which voices they’ll be doing?

Look, despite my hatred and disgust for the live-action movies, I’m hardly a G1 purist. I just haven’t watched the later stuff, so I don’t know it as well. But I think any Transformers fan, of G1 or Beast Wars or Armada or whatever, would say that Cullen is the definitive voice of Optimus Prime, and I’d say Welker is the same for Megatron (at least it’s more important to me than whether Megatron turns into a gun, a tank or whatever). Knowing that they’re both part of Transformers: Prime, well… I’m looking forward to the cartoon premiere on October 10th significantly more now. (Via TFormers)