Some of the Things You Need to Know About the New G.I. Joe Cartoon


?Is it everything you need to know? Probably not. But Hasbro just announced the show this weekends during JoeCon, so I doubt they’ve revealed everything you’d like to know about the show, which will be called G.I. Joe: Renegades, already. Still, thanks to Hisstank and The TerrorDrome, here’s what I imagine you’d like to know:

? It will be a year-one story. Joe will be on the run from Cobra.
? It will explore the origin of many of the code names.
? It will be for adults and kids, so it’s not at Resolute level.
? However, it will be a linear story and characters can die, so that’s cool.
? Hasbro says the animation will be par with Resolute, but I have my doubts.
? Cobra Commander will be wearing his regular mask.
? It will premiere on The Hub, Hasbro’s cartoon block on Discovery Channel, due in fall of 2011.
? Toys will arrive at the same time.
? Ripcord will be either black or white.

For more, definitely check out. the two sites above. Oh, and don’t worry about the picture; it was just something that came up that when I did a Google Image Search for “gi joe renegades” and was too delightfully awful not to share.