Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Ramen Fork

Some of you might remember back in March, when I made fun of the Japanese for creating a pasta fork — basically, a fork with a extra, almost-certainly-mouth-damaging tine to keep pasta, once wound, on the fork itself. It seemed silly and unnecessary and dangerous. And yet, if it at all led to this new utensil, I take back everything I’ve ever said about it:


?Behold, the Ramen Fork. A fork with both tine for noodles and a small bowl for soup base. It’s basically a spork, just a little more professional. As a frequent ramen eater — mostly thanks to Ramenbox — I am constantly irked by the difficulty of eating noodles and slurping soup simultaneously. Their supposed to be eaten together, and yet, no utensil has been able to accomplish this. Until now. Because of the Ramen Fork. Japan, I’ll take 100. (Via JapanSugoi)