The 20 Hottest Redheads (Guys and Gals) in Comics

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?We don’t understand the current pop culture hate for “gingers.” Redheads are awesome, primarily but not entirely because redheads are often devastatingly attractive.

Nowhere is this more true than in the comics. Sure, redheads in comic books tend to show up more than they do in real life, mostly because comics are fantasies (and everyone fantasizes about redheads, except possibly redheads). Besides, a character with red hair is much more fun for a colorist than a bunch of blondes. So pick up a few issues on a Wednesday and you’ll get a whole bunch of gorgeous characters (and Guy Gardner) sporting the carrot top.

Here’s a list of the 20 hottest redheads in mainstream comics, including both guys and gals — but not including blatantly porno comics like Tarot. Sorry, Tarot, you’re a hot redhead, but we don’t know anyone who reads you.

20) Ann O’Brien


?Seven feet tall, 250 pounds, red hair and red eyes. No, not Giganta,
it’s Ann O’Brien from Art Adams’s series Monkeyman and O’Brien!
A little radiation made her into the ultimate redhead powerhouse who
happens to pal around with a gorilla. She has an action figure while a
lot of the names on this list don’t

19) Archie Andrews


?Archie gets by on being Riverdale’s resident redhead and the girls seem to fall all over themselves to get a date with him. He’s been dating two of them off and on since your grandparents were in the war.

18) Elongated Man


?Ever since Identity Crisis in 2004, you’d be hard pressed to
say Ralph Dibny’s name without inserting the words “poor, poor.” The man
was the redheaded, super-stretchy detective in the JLA for years, but
when his wife was murdered by an old friend, his life fell apart. While
trying to pull it together, he died at the end of the yearlong 52
event. Now he’s a ghost, but we’re seeing precious little of him.

17) Atom Eve


?In the ongoing superhero soap opera that is Invincible, Atom
Eve is the brainy redhead girlfriend of the protagonist. But she’s more
than just smart arm candy, she has superpowers of her own and has used
them to save the world. It took a shit-ton of issues, but it really was
worth it just to see her and Invincible kiss.

16) Siryn


?Siryn was originally just “girl Banshee” in the X-comics, but that
changed in a big way once she joined Jamie Madrox’s X-Factor
Investigations in 2005. Her character got involved in some dynamic
stories, including a pregnancy that ended badly (the baby was absorbed
back into the father), taking control of the whole detective agency, and
having a fling with Deadpool!

15) Banshee


?Pretty much the most Irish character in comics, especially when he had
the big sideburns and was smoking that little pipe of his. Could have
stepped out of Darby O’Gill and the Little People. When he was
alive (“was” since he’s dead now), his hair was a dark orange while all
the redheads in Marvel comics have hair like a maraschino cherry.

14) Fairchild


?Gen13 is much like Dawson’s Creek, where there are no unattractive people in any corner of the world. Fairchild, while being the shrinking violet of the team, gets to start in about 1,000,000 sexy drawings at comic cons and on the internet. Plus she wears a bathing suit with long sleeves, which is somewhat sexy.

13) Starfox (Eros of Titan)


?While most comic readers think he’s kinda sleazy, Marvel’s Starfox gets more ass on a regular basis than you ever will. His pleasure-inducing powers attract women wherever he goes, and he’s not known for saying “no” to them. Redheaded, kind of a douche, but the ladies love cool Eros.

12) Rose Red


?It’s even in her name! The reddest redhead in all of Fables, we
were introduced to her when she faked her death in the first story arc
with her loser boyfriend Jack. She got shipped up to the Farm, with all
the animal Fables, and then crushed reeeeal hard on Little Boy Blue. But
since she has existed for centuries, she’s really the oldest hot
redhead on the list.

11) Velocity

19273-comics velocity.jpg

?Still waiting on that Velocity series that was supposed to spin
out of Image’s Pilot Season 2007, guys. The super speedster made her
debut in 1992 with her team, Cyberforce (she’s still with them) and has
grown her own fanbase since. But her big boost came when her one-shot
was chosen as the hit of Pilot Season, written by Joe Casey and drawn by
Kevin Maguire. She may be fast in the comics, but sloooow when coming
to comic shelves.


10) Medusa


?Medusa in Clash of the Titans was cool, but Marvel’s Medusa
does one better: long, living red hair. And she’s pretty well-built.
She’s married to the Inhuman king, Black Bolt, and she spends most of
her time in space, and she doesn’t fight with the Fantastic Four
anymore, but she’s still pretty hot. Oh, and she can kill you with her
red tresses.

9) Jean Grey


?The only reason Jean isn’t higher on this list is that when she’s not a
raging space phoenix, she’s kinda dull. Her mental powers are okay, not
anything wow-ing, and the only reason people seem to go crazy for her is
her red hair. Remember when she was married to Cyclops? It was like
that boring couple who didn’t talk much and only just watched TV.

8) Poison Ivy


?It’s almost impossible for comic artists to fuck up a drawing of Poison
Ivy; basically draw a naked woman and then cover up the naughty bits
with ivy. Take a look on and check out the truckload of
amazing Poison Ivy commissions. Hell, even Uma Thurman couldn’t damage
her reputation in the awful Batman and Robin.

7) Red Sonja


?This Hyrkanian warrior showed us that you don’t need to have armor to be
a successful fighter, just a bikini made of jangly bits. And when they
named her “Red” Sonja, they weren’t kidding — the colorist usually
chooses the reddest, bloodiest shade for her hair.

6) Daredevil


?Matt Murdock rivals Bruce Wayne for the amount of casual sex he has. I
credit the red hair. He’s a lawyer by day and a crime-fighting ninja by
night, but he’s still best defined by the string of romantic
relationships he’s had, including Russian spies, ninja assassins, and a
future druggie porn star.

5) Batwoman


?If you’ve been reading Greg Rucka’s Detective Comics run, you’d
think that the carpet matches the drapes matches the boots matches the
cape. JH Williams III goes a little crazy with the reds in his art. I
hope she sticks around and makes a big splash after Bruce Wayne gets
back in town.

4) Jimmy Olsen


?The only person that’s gotten more tail in the DC universe than Jimmy Olsen is Nightwing, and Jimmy did it 1) without being a superhero and 2) while wearing a bowtie for like 50 years. The man is a stud. 

3) Black Widow

Black Widow 8.jpg

?Black Widow’s not having a bad year. Not only is
Scarlett Johansson playing her in Iron Man 2, but she’s just
been handed an ongoing series after two minis. She’s one of the
highest-profile spies in the Marvel Universe, and she’s already dated
#5 on this list of redheads, so she’ll likely do just fine on her own.

2) Oracle


?Be it as Batgirl or Oracle, Barbara Gordon is one of DC’s best-looking
redheads. She’s had good times and bad, but she’s never an unwelcome
addition to a story. Oracle has been helping the new Batgirl over in her
title, but her Birds of Prey cronies are coming back for another Gail
Simone/Ed Benes ongoing! Never change, Babs.

1) Mary Jane Watson


?Who else did you think was going to be #1 on this list? Dawn? Mary Jane
has been the hottest comics redhead since she was introduced in Amazing
. She was even hot when Erik Larsen drew her with giant Dolly
Parton hair that went down to her waist. She’s so hot that Amazing
Spider-Man now inserts her every few issues randomly just to point out
how hot she is and that Peter Parker should have married her, if he
hadn’t made that deal with the Devil. Kirsten Dunst didn’t do her
justice (and she wasn’t even a natural redhead!).