The Crackdown People Made a Crackdown Cartoon That Looks Significantly Crappier than Crackdown

Um… I enjoy Crackdown. I’m looking forward to Crackdown 2 a great deal. But as a nameless, occasionally faceless cop with a license to kill and super-powers, I never much worried about the “story” of Crackdown. I just threw cars into criminals and shot rockets at them from the tops of buildings. It’s all I needed.

But someone decided that Crackdown 2 needed some sort of explication, and thus made the above cartoon series (part 1 of some number). Two problems: 1) I don’t care. Sure, Crackdown 2 has mutants in addition to criminals, but I don’t care how the mutants were made, I just care that they’re another set of people I can shoot without getting the police on my ass. Anything that is not me killing thugs and monsters is boring. 2) Crackdown 2 looks good. Hell, Crackdown 1 still looks pretty good — so why they fuck didn’t these people use their own game engine to make a cartoon rather than some crappy motion comic? Ugh. At least if it was the game engine I might watch to see what some of the locations looked like.

Oh, bonus 3) what idiot cop busts someone for spray-painting a wall in Pacific City? THERE ARE THREE MAJOR CRIME FAMILY AND AN ARMY OF KILLER MUTANTS RUNNING AROUND. THE GRAFFITI ARTISTS ARE PROBABLY NOT WORTH YOUR TIME, KOJAK. Idiot. (Via Kotaku)