WIN A Free Copy of Tales From The Borderlands & Game of Thrones

I told you I had some cool stuff lined up for you, and here’s the first one. The Great & Powerful Kyle LeClair, keeper of all things TRV Gaming, has scored a free download code on Steam for both Telltale’s Game of Thrones and their strong Game of the Year candidate, Tales From The Borderlands. And he’s giving them away to one lucky talented contest winner. Intrigued?

If you want to win this pack of codes, you need to post, in this comments thread, your pitch for an adventure game based on a licensed property. So an Until Dawn style game based on Friday the 13th. Or a Telltale-style game set in the world of Batman, Inc. Or Shadow of the Colossus Myst (My bad! -Future Jim) but based on The Neverending Story. Sorry, I think I just took a good one. THAT ONE DOESN’T COUNT!

Post your entries in this comment thread before tomorrow, November 25th, at noon Eastern time. Kyle will then dig through them and pick the one he likes the best, and on Friday, November 27th, I’ll post the winner along with instructions on how you get your code and your free game. You’ve only got a little more than 24 hours, so get to posting!