The Hiphopopotamus Takes on the Men in Black


?Flight of the Conchords fans who were disappointed with the duo’s decision to not continue their HBO show can take some comfort in the fact that one-half of the group will be getting into intergalactic hijinks on the big screen. Jemaine Clement will be taking on the high-profile role of the villain in 2012’s Men in Black 3 (which will likely be called M3B or something equally annoying). MTV reports:

Earlier this month, Sony officially announced that “Men In Black 3” was finally moving forward towards a 2012 release. And it now appears that the studio has cast Jemaine Clement as one of the primary villains.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Clement is in final negotiations to portray “Boris” in “Men in Black 3,” confirming rumors that first appeared back in March.

Clement’s character is said to be a villain and is described as being “charmy and creepy at the same time.” The character was called “Yaz” in an earlier draft of the script.

Clement is best known for being one half of the musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, which later became the basis for the HBO series of the same name. Clement has also appeared in “Tongan Ninja,” “Eagle vs Shark,” “The Drinky Crow Show’ and the upcoming 3-D animated film, “Despicable Me.”

The story also confirmed that the majority of “Men in Black 3” will take place in 1969, with Josh Brolin as a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’s Agent K. It also mentions that Jones will bookend the film, which presumably means that his role in the sequel will be limited.

Clement’s roles in Eagle vs. Shark and Gentleman Broncos have shown that he can play a lovable jerk excellently. That coupled with Brolin’s participation make the project seem somewhat more interesting than just another sequel. So what do you think? Is a third Men in Black movie even necessary? Will anyone be satisfied if the flick doesn’t feature a rap battle between Clement and Will Smith? These types of questions try the soul.