The Nerds Are Running the (Arkham) Asylum (Action Figures)


?Finally. ToyFare revealed DC Direct’s long-awaited figures based on the hit Batman: Arkham Asylum game, and the line-up’s pretty sensible: Batman, the Joker (he comes with Scarface, for what it’s worth), Harley Quinn in her game-specific get-up, and the great design of Scarecrow. The figures won’t be available until January of next year, as per standard DC Direct tell-everyone-about-them-8-or-so-months-in-advance procedure. I have a few questions, though: Did Batman really have a mix of blue and dark gray on his cowl and cape? Wasn’t it all blue-black, or maybe black with blue highlights? Is this weird, or do I need to adjust the colors on my TV? More importantly: Is DC packing 6 Harley Quinn figures to every other figure in this line? Because otherwise she is going to be impossible to find and make-out with buy. You can see pics of the individual figures over at ToyNewsI.