The Spectacular Spider-Ham in “Oink More Day”


?I know a lot of you TR readers — and I mean a lot — are Spider-Ham fans, so you should be pleased to know that Spider-Ham is back for a 25th anniversary special due… uh… tomorrow, I think? From the Marvel press release:

When J. Jonah Jackal, Mary Crane and Pete’s beloved Aunt May are
kidnapped on his 25th birthday, Spider-Ham must battle Doctor Octopuss
and the Swinester Six! Six-to-one odds? Don’t get your tail in a bunch
— when the slop’s on, this pig throws down — and Tom DeFalco &
Jacob Chabot (X-BABIES) are there to bring it to you.Then, take a look
into the many possible fates of Spider-Ham as the Assistant Watcher
answer the questions you never really thought about in MARVEL: WHY NOT? –
a six page Spider-Ham Extravaganza by Tom Peyer (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN)
and Agnes Garbowska (GIRL COMICS). Finally, in the not too distant
future, Swiney-Girl, the daughter of Spider-Ham, returns to face down
“Crayfin’s Last Bunt!” by Tom D. and Adam DeKraker (MARVEL ZOMBIES: EVIL

Swiney-Girl? Now that’s just reaching. Head over to Newsarama if you want to check out six dialogue-less preview pages.