These New DC Toys May Cause an Infinite Crisis in Your Wallet


From Toy News International comes word of the newest DC Universe Classics figures…and it’s a mixture of brilliance and insanity. Rob has previously mentioned how obscure the characters being issued in the line are, and the upcoming wave 15 is no exception to this bit of marketing madness. Featured figures in the assortment include:

? Golden Pharaoh (more on him in a minute)

?? Starman (both his traditional and modern outfits)

?? Martian Manhunter (a regular version as well as a chase variant that comes with a nifty weapon hand)

?? Rav?en (fan’s choice figure)

?? Sinestro Corps Batman


?? Jemm (sadly not the lead singer of The Holograms)

?? Validus (build-a-figure character)

Additionally, there will be the five new Justice League Unlimited figures that you see above. The strangest entry in this assortment is the Future JLU Superman — featuring a Starro Spore attached to Supes. (Let the Superman/SpongeBob SquarePants FFF stories commence). The other odd standout in this new batch of figures is apparent club kid Golden Pharaoh. To jog your memory, he’s this guy:


?A cross between Lex Luthor, Ozymandias and professional wrestler Goldust, Golden Pharaoh was created for Kenner’s Super Powers toyline back in 1986. Those of you who want an updated version of the character with a superior sculpt can have at it. He may never have been originally featured in DC’s comics, but hey, at least he’s not H.E.R.B.I.E. the robot. Anyways, the JLU figures hit Target later this year, with the other new toys making their debut exclusively at K-mart in late August/early September before eventually hitting other retail outlets towards the end of 2010.