Toy Trifecta: The Tick, Venture Bros., Doctor Who


?? Shocker Toys is making several SDCC exclusives from their Indie Spotlight line, including The blank from Dick Tracy and the Dan Garret Blue Beetle — I was going to ask how that worked with DC, but then I realized I don’t care. I do care about the exclusive Tick figure of Barry Hubris, the other Tick from both the comic and cartoon, shown above. That picture blows my mind. The sculpting on the figure is amazing — not the perfect facial expression and the bits of drool on his chin. But then someone’s gone and used Microsoft Paint to put the world’s least convincing detailing of his tick logo and belt. I’m assuming the final figure will have those things painted on. Hell, a sticker would look better.


?? Meanwhile, Bif Bang Pow’s Venture Bros. SDCC exclusive will be a two-pack of Henchmen 21 and 24 (although you can also pre-order them here). I’m still a big fan of the Mego style for these things, and I think 24 looks perfect, while the only real problem with 21 is his neck is too long. Put his fat little head directly on his shoulders and he’s perfect too. These aren’t final, so hopefully Big Bang Pow might still have a chance to fix it, but if it’s a standard Mego neck joint thing, it should be an easy customization fix.


?? This was almost an SDCC exclusive trifecta, but this set of new Doctor Who figures — featuring the Eleventh Doctor and pals — uh, isn’t. The set is due in late June/early July, and contains the Doctor, Amy Pond, a WWII Dalek, the Red Power Ranger Dalek, a Weeping Angel, and some character I know and don’t care about and some characters I don’t know and don’t care about. That “Ironside” Dalek is probably worth the whole set, and the Amy Pond figure definitely is. I’m too lazy to stalk and kidnap Karen Gillan, so this action figure is a much appreciated substitute. (Via Whoviannet)