You’ll Believe That a Man Can’t Fly for One Final Season

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?Haters will rejoice and fans will mourn, but the truth remains that Smallville will be leaving the airways at the end of next season. The AV Club reports:

The recent renewal of Smallville came as something of a surprise even for fans of the show, considering it has long since outgrown its original purpose of covering Clark Kent’s pre-Superman years. So it’s probably not much of a shocker to learn that Smallville‘s 10th season will officially be its last according to star Tom Welling. who let the news slip during a recent interview regarding the new “cheerleading drama” Hellcats that he’s producing. Once Smallville goes dark, America will be without a live-action version of The Man Of Steel for the first time in a decade–and with the legal battle over rights to the character showing no signs of resolution anytime soon, it could stay that way for a while.

Audience disinterest is deadlier than Kryptonite, so clearly this isn’t a surprising turn of events. Smallville was always a niche show — and one that often frustrated Superman purists at that. The saddest part of all of this is that by setting an end date, producers now won’t get to feature all of the DC Universe’s fringe supporting characters on the show. (Thus ending your dreams that Erica Durance would share screentime with Gorilla Grodd at some point). My guess is that indifference is probably the overwhelming sentiment in response to this news, but are any of you really saddened to hear about this? Or all you just glad that the show is finally coming to an end after 10 seasons of non-Superman action?