UPDATED: WWE’s Sheamus to Play Rocksteady in Ninja Turtles Sequel


Are you not entertained? The Celtic Warrior was spotted on the set interacting in a scene with a pre-mutation Bebop, whose purple mohawk and nose ring look hilarious. It appears these villains might look a whole lot more faithful than anything in the first film, which in turn may lead to a sliver of hope the Turtles themselves will look better too. It also seems like this movie might explain Sheamus’ bizarre new mohawk/braided beard look. Does this mean we can expect a “Hollywood Sheamus” gimmick when the film comes out?

That is, if it really is him. The Daily Mail‘s pics don’t show him full-on from the front so I’m gonna hedge my bets just a tiny bit.

UPDATE: retweeted via Twitter user Frito, comes this pic which looks like it confirms: