E3 Trifecta: Castlevania, Star Wars Kinect, Metal Gear Solid Rising

? You know how I bitch all the time about there not being a non-handheld 2-D Castlevania game? Konami has politely asked me to shut the fuck up with Harmony of Despair, an Xbox Live arcade title coming out next month. You can see about three seconds of footage in the above video, along with other games you may or may not give a shit about.

? So the Star Wars Kinect footage has been released, and… boy. Just see for yourself.

? I have no doubt many of you have given up on the Metal Gear Solid games, but please please watch this trailer for Rising. Yes it stars Raiden. But it also looks like the first game to let you cut anything at any time — you can clearly pick the angle of your slice and everything. I guess that’s not for all of you, but being able to fucking dice a Genome soldier sounds like it would never, ever get old to me. I can get past a lot of Kojima nonsense if I can cut vans in half. Thanks to Vinod for the tip.