Grendizer Protects Italy from Robot Turtles

It’s a very specific mission, and based on the sheer amount of buildings on fire in the above video, he doesn’t do it particularly well. Still, we’ve already discussed how much the Italians love Grendizer anyways, and this short flick (don’t let the length fool you; it’s only a bit over two minutes, the second two minutes is a “making of”) was made to celebrate Grendizer’s, a.k.a. Goldorak, 30th anniversary there. I was kind of expecting one of those super-nice videos like that Gaiking thing from a few months, but no, this is kind of mediocre. Still, 3-D CG reinterpretation of ’70s anime robots? Evil robot turtles? Rocket-launching fists? I’m duty bound to cover it anyways. (Via ToysREvil)