Helen Mirrin Is Armed, Dangerous, and Eligible for the Senior Citizen’s Discount at Denny’s

So I was going to show a new clip from DC’s latest direct-to-DVD movie, Batman: Under the Red Hood, but upon closer inspection, it was very boring — all Batman and Red Hood talking about their feelings and shit (you can still watch it here if you’re so inclined). So I didn’t, and decided to run the above trailer of Red, a movie based on a DC series by Warren Ellis I have no idea if I knew existed before today. It doesn’t seem especially comic book-y, but it does seem reasonably Warren Ellis-y, as retired CIA agents Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and an extra insane John Malkovich have to… do something that involves them shooting a lot of guns and kicking a lot of ass. Basically, it looks entertaining as all hell, and thanks to that DC logo in front of the trailer, I get to justify posting it. Whee!