Hot on the heels of the awesome live-action Mortal Kombat video that had nothing to do with an actual movie or videogame, here’s a trailer for an actual new Mortal Kombat videogame. You’ll note it’s 3-D characters on a 2-D plane, there’s tag team fighting, and the characters and powers are just as goofy as in the original games, which should delight fans who were upset the video was too grim n’ gritty n’ vaguely realistic. And then there’s some gruesome moves — you’ll note the bone-cam near the end of the video — and assumably quite violent Fatalities. So it’s essentially the original Mortal Kombat, just gussied up for next gen. Which I don’t care at all for, because Mortal Kombat was a terrible game. Still, if you’re losing your mind with joy over this trailer, I don’t begrudge your happiness a bit.