Movie Thor Shops at the Same Store as Movie Captain America

Yesterday, seemingly accurate — and reasonably pleasing — mock-up pics of what Chris Evans will look like in the live-action Captain America movie surfaced. The suit looked a bit too modern, but not insanely so, and the shield was right, so I think generally, we all gave it a thumbs up. Today, it looks like a similar pic of Chris Hemsworth as Thor has surfaced, and I don’t think I like it as much as Cap, which is funny because he looks exactly the same.


?That top 1/3rd, which we saw earlier, looks great. He has Thor’s cape, the round things on his chest, and chain mail under the tunic. And Mjolnir looks perfect, too. But everything below? It looks like one of those comic movie motorcycle suits. Which isn’t totally unreasonable for Cap, but is totally unreasonable for a Norse god of Thunder. What happened to the armor? The Norse-ness? Why is a god wearing Champion sportswear?

Before we all panic, Spinoff Online talked to a dude who actually saw Hemsworth in costume on set, and he said the suit is actually far less shiny in reality, so that’s something. And I can’t help but think this costume was designed alongside Cap and future Avengers, and made to to mesh with Ed Norton’s Hulk and Iron Man — basically, that his outfit was meant to work for the eventual Avengers movie, and not just Thor.

But still, I’m having a hard time giving this the benefit of the doubt. It’s weird, because as I said yesterday, since Marvel got Captain America got his shield exactly right, I gave them a lot of leeway on his costume. Here, Thor’s hammer is also exactly right, but I can’t get over his costume. I think Cap’s falls in the range of “close enough” that it falls in that leeway, and this… well, this isn’t close at all. Thoughts?