The Cybertronian War Will Be Merchandized


?So remember how we all thought that Hasbro was only releasing a few Transformers figures based on the War for Cybertron game designs? Well, they probably are, but at least now we know the line-up will include Soundwave (above) and Megatron (below).


?Activision held a WfC event, Hasbro had the figures on display, and Seibertron snapped pics of both of ’em. Head here to the full gallery, which includes their vehicle modes — Megatron being a tank and Soundwave being a car-like vehicle, and not a Stan Bush-playing boom box, alas. Still, It’s nice to know that that first WfC assortment — which will be part of the Generations line, remember — won’t be the sole WfC Transformers we’re getting. Word is these things will be out in early fall. (Via 16bit)