The Wu-Tang Movie Ain’t Nothin’ to @#$% With

The RZA spends his free time better than I do. I suppose this goes without saying, since I sit around and play videogames and watch NCIS reruns with all of my free time, while the RZA has made his own old-school, ’70s-style kung fu movie, called Wu-Tang Vs the Golden Phoenix. He’s assembled a hell of a crew to make it, including some Hong Kong greats (and, shockingly, The RZA) but the best part is that it doesn’t look like it cost any more than those old flicks did. Very little in the trailer makes sense, but it’s all awesome, and it’s not like you’re going to see it without some kind of mind-altering substance anyways. Frankly, if the last shot doesn’t make you stand up and cheer, you might want to see a doctor. I mean, it’s not like I get to post footage of ninjas exploding every day. (Via FilmDrunk)