What the Hell Is Marvel Doing with the Black Panther?

? April 2008: BET announces it’s going to air a Black Panther cartoon, based on the Marvel superhero.
? January 2010: Australia airs the Black Panther cartoon. It looks pretty cool.
? June 2010: Neither BET nor any other channel in America has aired the Black Panther cartoon.
? Also June 2010: Marvel debuts a shitty Black Panther motion comic on Entertainment Weekly.

What the fuck? They have a perfectly good Black Panther cartoon that’s already been made, and has real animation and every thing. No seriously — watch the opening to the cartoon:

…and now go over to EW to see the trailer for the motion comic (it’s not embeddable, or I’d put it here; but it sucks so I’m kind of glad to have the excuse to run the cartoon intro again). You don’t have to be a comic fan to discern the superior product here.

So why aren’t they releasing the cartoon instead of spending time, effort and money on a goddamn motion comic? It makes no sense whatsoever. I mean, if there weren’t a Black Panther cartoon already made, a motion comic might make sense. But there is. So it doesn’t.