From Metro UK:

Jackie Wollaston was washing
up at her home in Gainsborough when she spotted the alien shaped image
in her garden.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it,” said an
amazed Jackie, “”This shape just appeared in the wood, and it looked
just like E.T.

“When my son came downstairs he pointed out a
similar shape a bit further down.

“He says one is a girl, and one is a boy but I’m not sure
how he can tell!.”

The shapes on the fencing, which was put up six
months ago, suddenly appeared after a recent thunderstorm.

was quite strange suddenly seeing it there. I suppose it must be
something to do with the wood being affected by the water, ” Jackie

I’d also like to add AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. If I saw this nightmare on my fence, I’d burn down the fence, then burn down my house, then shoot the ashes into outer space, and still move across the country afterwards to a place made entirely of concrete. v. Thanks to Carlton for the tip. (Via Tabloid Prodigy)