Breaking: M. Night Shyamalan Is Still a Terrible Filmmaker

We’ve all had some fun at M. Night Shyamalan’s expense recently, whether it be pointing out the abyssmal 8% freshness rating of The Last Airbender over at Rotten Tomatoes, or that he’s not made a good movie since Unbreakable (and some would argue that). Really, I actually hate to pile on, but then I saw the trailer for his next film:

It’s about people trapped in an elevator with the devil. And it’s called Devil. Without fear of hyperbole, I feel safe in announcing that this is the stupidest fucking idea for a movie in the history of mankind. This makes Face/Off sound thoughtful and nuanced. People get caught in an elevator with the goddamn devil? Does the devil not have anything better to do with his time? Can Satan not make the elevator go? Does God’s divine protection extend to elevators? How does He feel about escalators?

Unless the twist is Night cameo-ing at the end, flicking off the camera and yelling, “You paid money for this? And I’m supposed to be the idiot?!” I think he’s just beat himself for the worst film of 2010. Bleh.