DC Team-Up: Lex Luthor and… Death?


?No horseshit, Jack. Death — as in Dream’s sister, one of the Endless, part of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics over at Vertigo — is popping by the DC universe proper to say hi to Lex Luthor, who’s currently scouring the universe to regain the power he had when he was an Orange Lantern (i.e., Blackest Night). I don’t know that they’re actually teaming up, but Death stopping to hang out in an issue of Action Comics is pretty astounding in and of itself; plus, writer Paul Cornell did ask Neil Gaiman for approval, and he said yes. I’d be genuinely interested to know what Death’s take is and feelings on the whole Blackest Night shebang. I mean, if there’s anyone who’s got to be more annoyed at heroes and villains constantly dying and getting resurrected than a comics fanboy, it’d be her, wouldn’t it? (Via DC’s Source)