Disney Is Possibly Maybe Bringing Gargoyles Back

Please note this is a rumor. This is not a fact. Actually, it may not even be about the Gargoyles cartoon specifically, but gargoyles in general. There’s only two reasons I’m posting it: 1) because it’s being reported by the Hollywood Reporter, which means there’s a decent chance of it not being totally bullshit, and 2) because a lot of nerds really, really love Gargoyles, and even non-news is news.

Anyways, THR says Disney is about to hire screenwriter Zoe Green to write a story about gargoyles — again, general gargoyles. If this is true — and that’s a big if — I think we can make the assumption that the project would actually have something to do with the beloved Gargoyles cartoon. Frankly, since Disney 2010 projects include a Tron sequel, a Toy Story sequel, a movie based somewhat on Fantasia, I think it makes perfect sense for them to be trotting out Gargoyles for another go.