I Think Studio Ghibli Is Just Remaking “The Littles”

Having covered the anime industry religiously for six or so years, and because I’m running an all-purpose nerd newssite now, I feel compelled to show you this trailer for Studio Ghibli’s newest animated feature The Borrower Arriety, based on Mary Norton’s children’s book series The Borrowers. This wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t look like an anime remake of The Littles, which we’ve already deemed one of the most horrible cartoons ever. I know technically that some of these pests are simply little, while some are borrowers, but Arriety is definitely little, and I’m pretty sure the Littles borrowed all kinds of shit to get by. Oh well. It’s not like Miyazaki is involved in this one, and it’s still pretty, so I guess there’s no need to be too worked up over it. But I might bring a can of Raid to the theater, just in case. (Via /Film)