SDCC: Actual Comics News Trifecta


?? The character of Chloe Sullivan, the one good character from Smallville (at least that’s been there from the start), is joining to join the actual DC universe in Action Comics #893. I think this is a Good Thing, and way, way overdue.

? Apparently, the Red Hulk is joining the Avengers. I think this is a Bad Thing, because the Red Hulk Sucks Ass, and this announcement fills me with a Hulk-Like Rage as the Red Hulk Is Jeph Loeb’s second most-awful creation, assuming you count “Everything He Did in the Ultimate Universe” as #1. Which I do.

? Marvel is going to re-print or re-release or do something with Crossgen. This is A Very Bizarre Thing. (Via Comics Alliance and CBR)