Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Music Shower


?I know, I know. You hear Japan and the phrase “music shower” and you just assume that Japanese women are peeing on other women playing the piano or something. But not this time. The music shower is actually an invention by Burger King — it’s a special booth, found in their restaurants, where diners can easily hook up their iPods and MP3 players, and a special speaker plays it. The speaker is specially designed and shielded to create a sound field that encompasses one booth and one booth alone, so other diners aren’t disturbed by my massive collection of Kylie Minogue albums whatever you happen to be listening to.

If this sounds oddly high-tech for Burger King, as it turns out, BK in Japan is trying to go upscale — becoming less fast food and more like a sit-down diner. Actually, all Burger Kings in Japan closed not to long ago, but recently Wendy’s also closed all of its Japanese locations, and now Burger King is trying again. Why I find this all so fascinating is as much as mystery to me as it is to you. (Via Japan Trends)